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10 Oct 2023 – 24 Oct 2023

Cybersecurity Chronicles webinar series 2023


Join our Cybersecurity Chronicles webinar series 2023!

We all face similar challenges and hurdles, and we can’t afford for security to be an afterthought. To build a solid network security strategy, addressing these concerns is paramount. For this, we’ve crafted a webinar series tailored to help CSPs overcome the specific challenges and concerns.

This webinar series aims to address:              
•    The challenges insufficient analytics and automation can bring SOC teams               
•    Complex security environments and operations              
•    Navigating the cybersecurity skills gap

Join our webinars to stay ahead of the curve and discover how to transform your security posture:


Nokia speakers         


Gerald Reddig

Head of Product Marketing, Cybersecurity


Ivo Rodrigues

Product Manager, NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome


Vishal Sahay

Head of Managed Security Services

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of security products and services to help CSPs identify 5G security threats quickly, stop them automatically and take fast remediation when needed so you can protect your telco network from degradation and deliver on service-level agreements.