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05 Dec 2022 – 09 Dec 2022

Internet2 – Technology Exchange 2022


Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel - Denver, CO, United States

Research and education are opening up new horizons for development, quality of life, and prosperity. Enabling teamwork to thrive between the greatest minds in academia, government agencies and the industry. That’s why R&E networks demand speed, capacity and scalability. Scientific research requires massive amounts of data that needs to be shared among different institutions. Especially in the last two decades, with the advancements in instrumentation and compute power, the amount of data that has been generated is enormous and is putting tremendous stress on the networks. 

Research and Education Networks (RENs) play a very important role in enabling global collaboration among these institutions. Technology advances such as EVPN, 800GE IP architectures and quantum-safe security are moving the limits, keeping institutions at the front of the pack. That’s where Nokia steps in with high-performance data networks and advanced switching, IP routing and optical transport technologies powering the collaborative research needed to transform our world.

Join us at the I2 Technology Exchange, and visit us at booth #5, to learn more about how Nokia is making scale simple for Research, Education and Collaboration.