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25 Oct 2022 – 27 Oct 2022

NATO Edge 2022


Lotto Mons - Mons, Belgium

Ready 4.0 operational leadership in defense

To intelligently assess and act on rapidly evolving situations with efficiency and speed, you must be able to exchange rich, actionable multimedia information across all theaters and forces. Nokia’s presence at NATO Edge will be about modernizing communications to empower defense forces with digital solutions that improve situational awareness and the productivity and efficiency of military operations. Visit us at booth #S4 and check the program here.

Broaden defense digital transformation with 5G

5G can power innovative applications to improve operations in a large number of military domains. On our booth, we’ll showcase our 5G solutions and demonstrate how the combination of 5G and augmented reality can be a game changer for MRO activities.  

Read more about how to empower defense forces with digital solutions that automate key operations to increase safety, productivity and efficiency.

Prepare your strategic backbone networks for massive defense digitalization

The digitalization of military operations, powered by 5G and a distributed cloud service delivery model, impacts your backbone transport network. The network must be able to scale, be much more flexible and simply do even more. Discover how our wide area network automation solution allows defense organizations to optimize their transport networks, and see how to use subsea optical fiber as a very sensitive sensor to detect and monitor any movement.