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24 Apr 2023 – 27 Apr 2023

RSA USA 2023


Moscone Center, Booth #5329 (North Hall) - San Francisco, CA, United States

Join Nokia Security at one of the top security events where you will explore real-world security use cases and engage with experts to learn why an effective zero trust architecture requires maximum visibility into all users, devices, assets, and entities on the network.

Connect with Nokia’s top security experts to how you can manage unexpected risks and save on underlying costs from invisible threats with global experience you can count on. Whether you’re looking learn more about Security Consulting, Managed Security Services, or Security Solutions - our experts can answer your questions live at RSA!

Experience the following demos:

  • Nokia NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome: Gain a deeper understanding for how you can protect your critical infrastructure when a trusted insider tries to breach and attack a cloud-native 5G network. In this demo, our use case demonstrates how to detect and respond to risky and abnormal user and entity behaviors in the management interface of a cloud-native 5G Core network element. 
  • Managed Security Services: In a world where 80% of security incidents are caused by misconfigurations our use case in this demo demonstrates how Nokia leverages an international setup of security operation centers and local experts with best-in-class SOAR tools using orchestration and automation of threat intelligence management, security event monitoring and incident response processes to proactively hunt 5G security requirements of critical assets. 
  • Deepfield DDoS Security: Learn what happens when a DDoS attack hits your network infrastructure or customers and how to protect them. In this interactive, game-like demo, you will first take a role on the “red team,” launching a DDoS attack—and learning how easy and cheap this is today! Then, you will move to the “blue team” to take on the defensive task of neutralizing the attack and see the Nokia DDoS security solution in action. 

Nokia speaker:

Craig Labovitz, Head of Technology NI IPN Deepfield Engineering

The secret life of enterprise botnets - April 24, 2023 | 14:20 PST | 50 minutes

In this talk, we explore the secret life of enterprise botnets. In collaboration with global internet providers and cloud operators, we tracked over 500,000 compromised enterprise servers, security cameras and IoT devices (HVAC, PoS, etc.) for one year. In one of the largest studies of enterprise botnets ever performed, we answer key questions, such as, “What are enterprise bot’ed IPs doing throughout the day?” and “How were these endpoints compromised?” And, given IoT deployment (and corresponding compromised endpoints) is rapidly approaching exponential deployment scale, what does all of this mean for the future security of enterprise networks?

We value You! 

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For the Full Conference Pass, which gives you access to all of the conference sessions and conference-sponsored activities, we have a discounted rate of $150 off the total fee for you. Please use this discount code at the registration: 52FCDNOKIA.