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14 Apr 2021

Rural broadband and the cable business opportunity

Rural broadband and the cable business opportunity

With work from home, distance learning, and e-health services now part of everyday routine, high-speed broadband access is finally deemed a necessity—as vital to life as electricity and running water. While urban and suburban households have mostly seen their connectivity needs met, many rural communities remain underserved.

For cable operators, overcoming the rural connectivity challenge will require future-proof solutions that support an attractive business opportunity. Join this webinar for a discussion on how the business case for fiber-to-the-home broadband deployments in rural communities is becoming more attractive and how fixed wireless access (FWA) is enabling broadband service for the hardest-to-reach homes. In addition to providing traditional broadband services, we will discuss how cable operators can leverage rural fiber to support converged services, mobile services, private wireless services, and wholesaling.


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Christopher Tucker
Director of Business Development and Technology, Cable and Emerging Markets