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14 Apr 2021

Simony conference

Simony conference

Simonyi conference is organized by the students of Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE). The topics/presentations come from the ICT sector targeting mainly the students of the university, however everyone is welcome to join the conference for free.

The Nokia presentation by Gábor Hannák will address the topic of “Software-defined radio access network and machine learning”. He will discuss that Stepping into the 5G era, two new major trends have emerged in the evolution of mobile networks: first, the Open RAN (radio access network) aims at replacing vendor specific hardware with white box hardware and proprietary interfaces with open format interfaces. Secondly, COTS (common off the shelf) softwarization of the traditionally hardware-based, rigid network elements allows operators to exploit all advantages of programmability, virtualization, and scalability. As a result, modern analytics, automatization, and machine learning-based methods become available close to the physical layer. In turn, these facilitate a customizable, dynamic, and flexible RAN, which is then able to provide numerous novel services and features.

Nokia speakers

Gábor Hannák,
Research engineer, 5G