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22 Jun 2022 – 23 Jun 2022

Telecom Threat Intelligence Summit 2022


This two-day virtual event is dedicated to improving cybersecurity outcomes for the telecom sector and its customers through threat intelligence sharing activation and reduced complexity across the SIM ordering process.  

Join us to attend Nelson Silva’s - Product Manager, Netguard Cybersecurity - presentation to learn more about the “Integration of 5G threat intelligence into service provider security operations” on 23 June at 8:55 EST / 14:55 CET.

His talk will explain different options for endpoint detection and response implementation in service providers networks. It will look at how different approaches will fit in the 5G network infrastructure, enabling service providers to preempt and mitigate cyberattacks effectively.


Nelson Silva leads the NetGuard Endpoint Cybersecurity product line, one of Nokia’s key pillars for carrier network infrastructure protection. Nelson has more than 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, in network analytics and operations software, and cybersecurity, in global consulting and product management roles.