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25 Aug 2022

The Connected Campus


Today’s college students are incredibly tech savvy, quickly moving from one task to the next and expecting instantaneous responses. They, as well as faculty, need access to materials and each other whenever and however they want. Connectivity is the critical piece for today’s universities to help solve the digital divide. From large state campuses to rural universities in smaller communities, secure, seamless access is essential moving forward. This also includes supporting high-bandwidth mobile applications, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, as well as the latest developments in Wi-Fi connectivity.

Join Fierce Education and higher education executives on August 25th to learn what some university leaders are doing to keep pace with the bandwidth and connectivity needs of students and faculty to ensure equal accessibility for all.

Nokia speakers:

  • Opening keynote: Welcome to the connected campus
    1:00PM-2:10PM ET
    Steve Dyck, Principal Consulting Engineer 
  • Session 2: The benefits, limitations and use cases of private wireless networks
    3:00PM-3:30PM ET
    Aimee Rullo, Business Development Manager, State and Local Government and Education