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23 Feb 2022

The key essentials of Nokia’s Smart Node Femto Solution

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As part of the ongoing Nokia Femto webinar series, in our next session we will provide insights on the building blocks and key features of Nokia’s unique Smart Node Femto solution. The session will introduce the concept of the All-in-One architecture and detail the elements of the network. Besides the architecture we will also touch upon the deployment, provisioning and grouping possibilities. The webinar will bring typical examples from the field how Nokia Femto solutions help operators to create ubiquitous indoor mobile coverage both for homes and enterprises.


Nokia Speakers 

Matthew Knightley, Head of Mobile Networks Femto Business and Product Management

Sreeenivas Boddula, Product Manager - 4G, 5G Femto Access Points



Tamas Madarasz, Portfolio Marketing, Microwave & Custom Solutions at Mobile Networks