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13 Jun 2022 – 17 Jun 2022

TNC 2022


Trieste Convention Center (TCC) - Trieste, VE, Italy

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Join us at TNC 22, the major Research & Education event of the year! Learn more about Nokia IP and optical networking including IP routing, data center switching, PSE-V coherent processors and quantum-safe transport during our presentation on Thursday, 16 June at 14:00 CET.

Nokia will be participating in TNC 2022 to collaborate with people from global R&E networks looking to understand our IP-optical networking technologies. At this event, Nokia will highlight two key technologies: coherent optical DSPs and quantum-safe encryption.

Spectral efficiency with PSE-V

Nokia’s latest generation of optical components feature coherent optical DSPs that use fine baud rate granularity to adjust to different fiber plant. Designed for applications operating up to 67 Gbaud between 100G and 400G (PSE-Vc) and long-haul (PSE-Vs) that operates at higher baud rates such as 90 Gbaud. These devices allow for optimization of baud rate to match optical span characteristics, maximizing spectral efficiency and reach.  

Quantum-safe encryption

With the advent of quantum computers, most of today’s key cryptography will be rendered useless, based as they are on assumptions about the intractability of mathematical problems. Networks must consider carefully how they secure their networks so that they are quantum-safe in a cost-efficient way. The Nokia 1830 SMS Security Management Server generates high-quality keys deployed in a symmetric distribution architecture. When used with AES-256 encryption engines, this solution provides safety today from practical quantum computer attacks.

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Securing optical transport in the post-quantum world
Join us in the auditorium on June 16, at 14:00 CET

This presentation will describe the quantum threat, efforts to develop post-quantum ciphers and provide a view of practical protection options, ready for deployment now.

Chris Janson
Product Marketing Manager