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17 Feb 2021

Webinar: Enhancing Customer Experience in the Digital Era


Customers are expecting contextual and personalized services, and proactive problem resolution, across any device or any channel they choose.

On the other hand, if it’s done effectively, offering consumers an integrated, cross-channel contextual experience can reduce IT and customer care costs.

Furthermore, it can decrease help desk call volumes and average handle time (AHT), increase first call resolution (FCR) rates and improve net promoter score (NPS) results

This webinar will cover how Nokia can assist Service providers to:

  • Address challenges in managing the experience of new digital services
  • How some of the Global operators are Accelerating digitalization of customer care
  • Move from reactive to proactive care utilizing Bell Labs innovative machine learning capabilities
  • Capitalize on global best practices to improve customer care KPIs (ex. AHT, FCR, NPS)