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Remedial education in India with the Samridhdhi Trust

Education is a fundamental right of all children in India. Yet many children particularly those hailing from families of migrant workers are deprived of basic education for reasons beyond their control.

The barriers to joining mainstream schools are many, beginning with providing proof of being a citizen, overcoming language barriers or being responsible for sibling care while parents go out to earn a living. Bengaluru, a metropolitan city of India also has a large number of such children.


Nokia partnered with Samridhdhi Trust to make a difference in two schools – Indirapuram, close to New Delhi in North India, and another in Bangalore, state of Karnataka in southern India. Samridhdhi offers a comprehensive educational program. The program provides remedial education as a bridge to mainstream education for underprivileged children, particularly those from migrant families.

Samridhdhi also looks into the causes of why children drop out of school and tries to address those causes. For example older children of daily-wage workers often drop out because they have to look after their younger brothers and sisters, so they are offered creche facilities for these younger brothers and sisters so that the older ones can attend classes.

The program also helps the children overcome the barriers to entry into schools and enables them to join mainstream education in age appropriate classes. Support also goes further by providing the children from these bridged programs with after-school classes to boost their progress. 


Key achievements

  • 303 Children have attended bridge school in the session 2018-19. 
  • The school had an average attendance of 75% during the session. 
  • 155 children gained admission in mainstream school 
  • 190 children received after school support 

Our employees are able to volunteer in support of this program and the collaboration with Samridhdhi Trust will continue into its third year to provide better education.

Education is a right for all children.