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Aging in place

We believe in the possibility of the smart home to help senior adults maintain their independence as they grow older and stay connected with their families. That is why Nokia is shaping the future of aging in place with the Internet of Things – to provide health/wellness, safety and support systems… so that senior adults can continue to live at home as they enjoy their golden years.

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Smart home technology enables older individuals to remain independent and connected to family and friends while living in a safe, secure and comfortable home.



Smart homes can monitor if household appliances are left on and unattended. For example, when food is left in the oven, a smoke detector detects burning and switches off the oven to avoid a fire.



Smart home sensors monitor doors, windows and glass breakage to detect visitors and entry to immediately alert family members and the security monitoring company.

Energy efficient

Smart home sensors control temperature and switch on/off lights in a room when someone enters/leaves. For example, turning on a bedroom light to aid someone getting out of bed.


Health and well-being

Smart homes communicate with wearables, such as medical trackers, to continually monitor heart rate, blood pressure and glucose levels. Sensors can also detect if an individual falls to issue alerts, remind an individual to take his/her medicine, and track movements and activities such as opening the refridgerator. When deviations in daily routines, or abnormal vital signs are detected, a doctor/nurse and family members are contacted.



Smart homes enable telemedicine checkups with practicioners; seniors to contact family at the touch of a button on a smartphone; and families to virtually check-in on a senior via real-time video.


Nokia is partnering with a local utility, and leveraging its optical FTTH network, to help bring an aging in place solution to market in the U.S.

  • Nokia’s Smart Home Solution serves as a universal home hub that talks to all devices regardless of the wireless technology.

  • Nokia’s IMPACT IoT Platform manages both the devices behind the gateway and the gateway itself – ensuring that incidents do not go unchecked because a connection or device isn’t working.

  • Nokia’s Steel HR watch and Nokia’s Health Mate application are used to continually monitor a senior’s health.

CSPs are well positioned to capitalize on smart home services by already typically providing a residential broadband gateway into the home for DSL, cable or fiber modem.



Mike Chen

Nokia’s Smart Home solutions and technology innovations make aging in place a reality while giving family members peace of mind in the process. We bring an end-to-end solution, with full management capabilities, making life simpler and ensuring everyone enjoys a secure, comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient home environment.

Mike Chen
Vice President Digital Home
Fixed Networks, Nokia