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We believe in the possibility of connected car rental to profoundly change the consumer experience through adaptive vehicles that can personalize and act as a digital wallet. That is why Nokia is shaping the future of car sharing services with the Internet of Things – to elevate, differentiate and simplify the rental experience... so that traveling consumers are always in the driver’s seat in a rented car that knows and anticipates their needs.

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This seamless, intelligent connected rental car service is here. Concur, Hertz, SAP and other members of the Nokia-founded ng Connect IoT Community are collaborating on it.


The Nokia IMPACT Platform manages devices and sensors in the vehicle to monitor traffic flow, personalize driver settings and entertainment; configure in-vehicle communications; remotely monitor fuel levels, vehicle diagnostics and predictive maintenance.

SAP payment systems make parking and fueling simple: The car reserves a parking spot based on a calendar of events or search; finds for a spot in real time based on the connected vehicle’s location; acts as digital wallet to pay for the spot; and aggregates all travel-related expenses into a single trip expense report that with one click can be immediately submitted after the trip is completed.


Car sharing services is expected to be a significant revenue generator in 2021.

With the rise of mobility, autonomous driving and the integration of the car as part of a digital life, a new generation of consumers no longer feel the need to be burdened with car ownership. They simply prefer to hire, rent or carpool whenever they need to travel.


In the future, cars will increasingly be shared as part of the evolution of the shared economy. Nokia and its global partner ecosystem are pushing the limits of what’s possible in connected cars, enabling a new class of convenient, high-value services that transform car rental and car sharing into a seamless, intelligent and driver-optimized experience.

Ron Haberman
Head of Emerging Products
Nokia Software