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Chattanooga, Tennessee

We believe in the possibility of connected communities to spur socio-economic growth by stimulating business investment and innovation, enriching the lives of its residents, and enhancing the experiences of visitors. That is why Nokia creates the technology that shapes the future of communities by delivering live 4K streaming service and interactive digital signage so that communities can thrive within a more connected life to be more creative, sustainable and smart.

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Already the world’s first “10 Gig City,” Chattanooga, Tennessee became the world’s first municipality to demonstrate 4K video streaming over a metropolitan network.


Travelers arriving at Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport City are greeted by a 98” ultra-high definition digital signage live streaming 4K video of the alligator habitat at the local aquarium – 10 miles away – to promote the local attraction.

  • The Nokia led ngConnect Program trial used MAC address sensors to track those watching the streamed content at the airport, who then later visited the attraction.

  • 81 airport travelers were enticed to visit the aquarium over a 10 week period, demonstrating that streaming content is potentially more effective than static signage and providing a significant uptick in aquarium revenue.

  • Chattanooga now has its sights set on live streaming other events in ultra-high definition around the city (Ironman competition, etc.)

Chattanooga’s mayor credits the lightning fast network of Chattanooga’s Electric Power Board (EPB) with revitalizing the city

  • Deploying Nokia’s optical FTTH network to manage its energy smart grid, EPB also employed the network to make 10 gigabit Internet service available to Chattanooga’s 600 square mile community.

  • The network has spurred economic growth, attracting businesses needing to upload and download large files such as 3D printing, film production, gaming, medical image diagnostics, software development and big data.

  • The network has become a catalyst for innovation. GigTank, in its 5th year, has become an annual city technology event for start-ups developing high-bandwidth business applications.


The network has stimulated job growth.

  • A study released by University of Tennessee at Chattanooga shows “the Gig Network” has helped the Chattanooga generate at least 2,800 new jobs and at least $865.3 million in economic and social benefits.

  • Downtown has doubled its residents as landlords advertise lightning fast Internet speeds that are included in monthly rents. Education and government also benefit from the high-speed connectivity and high-bandwidth.


We don’t just want to help cities become ‘smart.’ Our goal is to work with partners and pioneering cities like Chattanooga to provide the technologies and expertise that will help them deliver new and better services, attract new businesses, and improve the quality of life for citizens.

Ron Haberman
Head of Emerging Products
Nokia Software