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Digital moments at smart venues

We believe in the possibility of profoundly changing large-scale, live events with immersive and personalized services. That is why Nokia is helping service providers and enterprises act in digital time to delight spectators by meeting their unspoken needs so they always have the best seat and a remarkable experience.

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Attending sports events, concerts, or firework displays in person are exciting moments in our lives that can be made more remarkable by today's highly agile and intelligent networks. When service providers know what we want, understand our needs and what we find valuable, they can enrich these experiences by providing personalized moments that delight us.

Before you even arrive at a sporting event, imagine receiving a text to download a free stadium app that helps you find a place to park, quickly access the stadium, leads you to your seats, lets you know how long the wait is at food concessions and restrooms, and enables you to pay for souvenirs and other purchases with your smartphone. The convenience provided in these digital moments improves your overall event experience.

When attending smart venues, we join thousands of fans using smartphones to capture and share the action within social circles. In these digital moments, 5G and Advanced LTE connectivity can delight us with excellent service speed and reliability. With the help of the edge cloud, the network can meet the collective needs of a stadium filled with 80,000 spectators with LTE supporting a radio delay of 20 milliseconds. 5G will reduce that to 1-2 milliseconds and increase capacity to address new services.


Digital service providers can make an event more captivating. By blending physical and augmented realities together, your smartphone can provide image overlays of where friends are located at a venue, and automatically engage you with video and audio clips when you encounter points of interest, such as statues of famous players. When pointing your smartphone at actual players on the field, you can instantly view their profiles and performance statistics.

It is easy to become immersed in the action. You can access instant replays from multiple camera angles on your devices, including 360-degree perspectives.

Additionally, location and other digital service provider insights about us can make our entire experience more enjoyable. For example, getting a text from the venue offering you a discount on the mobile app purchase of a hotdog and your favorite beer. When you take advantage of the offer, your food and drink is delivered directly to you anywhere in the venue. Or you can choose to pick up your order at a nearby express line.

When an event is over, digital moments continue. As a passenger on the return trip home, you can watch live behind-the-scenes celebrations of the winning team over your smartphone.

At home, the digital service provider sends an offer that allows you to relive parts of the game action and atmosphere with your family. 

It's not only spectators who benefit. By bringing fans closer to the action in a highly personalized way, digital moments help venue owners lure people away from big screen televisions and the comforts of home. Enabling visitors to share experiences with friends and upload content on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter gives venues free exposure as fun destinations. In addition, smart venues offer enhanced comfort, safety and security. For example, stadium seats can be equipped with connected sensors that signal when they are occupied or available. The information is automatically conveyed to the building's environmental systems to efficiently maintain a comfortable temperature. Upgrade offers to fill empty seats can be sent to attendees in real time.

Nokia enables smart venues experiences throughout the world - from PyeongChang, South Korea to Berlin, Germany and South Bend, Indiana. It is helping service providers build powerful networks to enrich digital moments at car races, football matches, concerts and museums. In return, we enjoy extraordinary experiences and memories that last a lifetime.




People love the intensity of live events and the services around them. Nokia’s fast, scalable and intelligent 5G architecture thrives in these high density environments to instantaneously deliver attractive, personally relevant digital offers just when consumers need them. As a result, service providers and venue partners can make every consumer moment a valuable interaction.

Clare Mccarthy
Head of Strategic Marketing
Nokia Mobile Networks