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Next generation Nokia AirScale radio and baseband

Why partner with Nokia for your 5G network?

Activate massive 5G capacity with Nokia AirScale

Nokia's new generation AirScale baseband, remote radio heads and massive MIMO antennas deliver the highest capacity and network performance, while enabling efficient deployment and operation. 

Powered by the latest generation of Nokia’s ReefShark System-on-Chip (SoC), the new AirScale products ensure that 5G networks smoothly scale to the massive capacity necessary to support more immersive user experiences and advanced use-cases.

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Tommi Uitto introducing new generation Nokia AirScale baseband and radio

17 kg & 400 MHz

At 17 kg, the industry's lightest massive MIMO antenna supports 400 MHz RF bandwidth

64TRX & 400 MHz

Our 64TRX massive MIMO antenna covers 400 MHz RF bandwidth

84 Gbps & 90k users

Up to 84 Gbps throughput and 90,000 simultaneously connected users

Watch the full-length launch event broadcast

AirScale launch event - June 24th 2021  [29 minutes]

New generation AirScale baseband plug-in cards

Scaling capacity made flexible and efficient

The new Nokia baseband plug-in cards drive the AirScale baseband capacity up to to 84 Gbps throughput and 90,000 simultaneously connected users. This is the capacity to drive 5G forward, towards more immersive user experiences and advanced enterprise use cases. Thanks to the latest technology the new cards are highly efficient and decouple traffic growth from power consumption.

  • Leverage the modularity of AirScale baseband: new and earlier plug-in cards work together – ensuring latest SoC injection into installed base
  • Granular in-node composability: the right upgrade steps
  • Common system (Single RAN) for 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G

New generation Nokia AirScale baseband

A step change in data speed

Up to 8x higher throughput

A step change in energy efficiency

Up to 75% reduced power consumption for baseband

Flexibility through in-node modularity

Efficient and flexible capacity scaling for all traffic needs

Powered by new generation Nokia ReefShark SoCs

The foundation for efficient capacity and performance scaling

AirScale baseband

Lightweight, high RF bandwidth radio products without compromise

The new generation Nokia AirScale massive MIMO antenna and radio platforms use the latest Nokia ReefShark SoC technology. This enables efficient 5G mid-band: increasing RF bandwidth, to support fragmented spectrum, while at the same time reducing weight for simplified deployment and faster 5G network rollout.

New generation Nokia AirScale massive MIMO and radios

New 32TRX massive MIMO antennas

Industry leading solutions, supporting both 400 MHz RF bandwidth and the lightest weight, 17kg

New 64TRX massive MIMO antennas

400 MHz RF bandwidth and high power for maximum capacity and coverage

New 8T8R remote radio head

Deployment flexibility and cost effective coverage

Powered by new generation Nokia ReefShark SoCs

The foundation for high RF bandwidth and high performance

AirScale radio

What customers and industry analysts say about Nokia AirScale

“T-Mobile and Nokia are building on more than two decades of partnership, with a long history of shared innovation. Together we've deployed every major generation of wireless technology.”

Neville Ray, T-Mobile

“The modularity of Nokia’s AirScale baseband and its new plug-in cards allow us to scale capacity in line with traffic growth.”

Greg McCall, BT

“Leveraging state-of-the-art System-on-Chip technology in baseband, and wide bandwidth, high power radios, Nokia brings us the network capacity that powers Canada's fastest 5G network.”

Stephen Howe, Bell Canada

“Nokia's AirScale RAN enhancements result in mobile operators being better able to scale capacity in a modular and flexible way - helping to minimize risks.”

Patrick Filkins, IDC

IDC technology spotlight

Successfully Monetizing 5G Requires a RAN That Efficiently Scales Up Capacity

AirScale Adaptive Antennas

AirScale Adaptive Antennas

Boost 5G capacity with massive MIMO

AirScale baseband

AirScale Baseband

Efficiency, flexibility and scalability for the 5G era