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3 steps to kick start your 5G journey

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This blog is part of our #ExpertAdvantage series – giving you the inside scoop on how Nokia Services solve real operator challenges.

We know that 5G is going to be exciting - who isn’t wowed by the prospect of downloading feature films in seconds, cars that drive themselves and controlling robots and other machines in real time from across the world? This new world offers immense opportunities – not just new technology, but new ways of working and new customers from different sectors.

So how do we take the clever technology behind 5G and transform the technical possibilities into solid use-cases and viable business models?

And how do we ensure these use-cases work seamlessly across a complex mix of new 5G technologies and legacy networks?

Clearly considerable new expertise is needed, whether in-house or out-sourced, to get this right.

Recognizing the need, Nokia has a proven, holistic services approach and methodology to support our customers in the design, deployment, optimization and maintenance of their networks as they progress towards 5G. All aspects are covered: selecting the right strategy and path to 5G; building viable business cases; adopting the right technology to support these choices; implementing the solutions; and getting them working in a practical way.

Bottom line:  5G will only be as successful as the practical business that it enables.

Here are 3 steps to kick start your 5G journey:

1. Evolve your existing business and create new streams

Step 1 is to exploit new business models. Industries such as public safety, the rail industry and oil & gas already benefit. We also enable new growth opportunities such as monetizing data. Nokia Ad Analytics was introduced last spring to capitalize on unique customer insights by delivering anonymous and accurate subscriber data to advertising networks.

2. Evolve employee skills and competencies, as well as processes, tools and technology with Nokia’s transformation methodology

Step 2 is figuring out how to pave the way to 5G, while fully leveraging your existing investments in legacy networks. Nokia has developed a holistic and modular framework for a wide variety of process-focused transformations that impact an operator’s customers, employees, processes and the underlying technology and systems. Once the use cases and vertical industries have been chosen, careful design and implementation planning is essential to ensure that all aspects of the transformation are considered. We offer expertise in network design to ensure the right migration path, technical consulting to help manage the transformation and deployment skills to integrate and roll out the new network.

Nokia Bell Labs has delivered 300+ consulting projects for over 100 customers, solving complex technology challenges. Nokia Consolidation Services has proven to reduce OPEX by 30% through NOC consolidation and build-operate-transfer (BOT) delivers faster time-to-market with guaranteed service performance from day one.

3. Build efficient networks that really deliver on the technology promises

5G must co-exist and work seamlessly with legacy technologies. Operators also need to ensure that the network delivers the needed throughput, resilience and latency to support their chosen use cases. A typical example is “connected health”, which requires 100% network availability combined with low latency for it to work as needed and meet expectations.

It’s clear that the new 5G world will be one of innovation, customization, fast adaptation – and partnering with Nokia’s professional services will help make it all happen properly.


Choose services that are evolving to meet 5G network needs

  • Make informed decisions with Nokia Geo-Data as a Service, which supports accurate 3D planning of small cells, reduce CAPEX by 20% through better targeting of network investments.
  • Ensure flawless hybrid network performance with Nokia Predictive Care services, which cut resolution time from hours to minutes with 98% accuracy
  • Our services experts around the globe, with expertise of wireless, fixed and IP, are ready to design your journey to 5G.
  • To learn more about how we can help turn 5G from a technology into a business visit our Services for 5G Internet page.

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Riitta Siira

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