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5G deployment with AI & ML holds big promises

5G deployment with AI & ML holds big promises

The year 2021 is witnessing 5G rollouts at a steady pace. However, communication service providers (CSPs) need to provision for faster, more efficient and flexible rollouts for a competitive head-start. New technologies, modernization of legacy systems, multitude of frequency bands and network densification are bound to increase site related activities. Therefore, orchestration of automation and digitalization of manual tasks throughout the deployment process for CSPs lead to better efficiency and accelerated time to market.

Nokia has seen CSPs benefiting with its 100 percent digitalized 5G network deployment across the globe and is now taking digital innovations further with introduction of artificial intelligence and machine learning (A I& ML) modules to its service delivery platform.

Our integrated project management module covers orchestration for end to end rollout services right from site acquisition to materials management and customer logistics, resulting in transparency and minimizing risks in complex deployments. Now with the use of AI and ML enhancements, planning and resource management become precise and project scheduling becomes flexible, leading to improved quality and agility.  

The digital workflow of platform enables seamless transition of drone-led digital site walk content to software-based ‘digital twin’ of the site and automated site design. This is done by employing state-of-the-art AI & ML algorithms, ensuring builds are completed ‘first time right’ faster. Digitalization of site content also helps in accelerated planning for future site expansions.

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To smoothen the material logistics process, Nokia offers streamlined equipment management, assembly and transportation to the site. Our qualified teams pre-commission and pre-stage equipment, software and hardware in a warehouse prior to construction. This decreases construction cycle time while increasing first time right quality. We also offer live asset tracking for end-to-end visibility.

Digital workflow and real time field collaboration helps construction works in simplifying on-site work and first-time right installations. AI & ML enhancement on platform enables site object identification and automated site inventory checklist creation. Manual work is cut down substantially and ensures ‘site on air’ is faster. Our remote commissioning solutions use automated site creation and zero touch commissioning that increase quality installation by 30 percent.

Today, our platform helps in executing remote collaboration resulting in 25 percent less re-visits to sites leading to lesser carbon footprint. Remote site acceptance is designed to leverage digitalization and automation for speed, quality and transparency.

The possibilities are endless and Nokia’s 5G deployments with AI & ML is ahead of the game when it comes to shaping the future. Talk to us!  We will be eager to support your 5G deployments digitally.

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