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Anything you can measure, you can charge

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As the telecom industry continues to evolve, communications service providers (CSPs) must pivot and reprioritize their investments. A Nokia monetization survey revealed that 98% of global CSPs plan to modernize their Business Support Systems (BSS) to better support 5G, with real-time charging systems being the top investment area. Nokia is no stranger to this evolution and we’re aware that our customers need us to pivot just as quickly…especially as they strive to monetize new services through innovative commercial models.

Nokia's AVA Charging as a Service Solution – Anything You Can Measure, You Can Charge

With the move to 5G Stand Alone (5G SA), new 5G network functions enable charging beyond traditional parameters that consider only network-related metrics, such as data usage or bandwidth consumption. This creates new possibilities for rating and charging for new services and also allows CSPs to go beyond connectivity to what we like to call ‘anything you can measure you can charge’. Nokia's AVA Charging as a Service solution offers flexibility, efficiency, and agility in its delivery model further supporting this.  

This business agility is pivotal, especially in the context of 5G and the increasing focus on enterprise use cases. The ability to charge for a diverse range of events becomes a critical feature in this shifting reality.

With Nokia’s AVA Charging solution, you can trust that "anything you can measure, you can charge." This simple yet profound statement underscores our commitment to helping our customers pivot, reprioritize, and evolve in today’s dynamic landscape.

A Catalyst for Change in Immersive Consumer Experiences

We’re not doing this alone. At TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World 2023, Nokia joined Salesforce and other partners, along with select CSP champions in what would become an award-winning catalyst project titled POP! CSPs curating markets at the edge.

The idea behind this Salesforce-led catalyst was that CSPs want to curate a one-stop-shop marketplace for enterprises where they can monetize immersive “pop-up” retail experiences. For context, the global digital experience platform market is poised to reach $9.1 billion by the end of this year and reach $33 billion by 2033. The POP! Marketplace catalyst showcased how CSPs can leverage 5G network investments to connect partners and enterprises to digitize (and monetize) evolving consumer experiences.

This platform streamlines enterprise access to CSP products as services. It automates order processing, provisioning, and monetization. Notable features include zero-touch ordering, NaaS QoS management, efficient supply chain control, real-time service metering, and dynamic monetization models; Nokia's charging solutions was used to rate and  charge in real-time based on the number of clicks within a mobile app for the event,

This collaborative initiative earned the catalyst team the Outstanding Catalyst for Business Impact Award, and they were also nominated for the Outstanding Catalyst for Business Growth Award. And Nokia is proud to be a part of it.

Driving Business Agility for Future Success

Nokia's charging solution is not just about counting data usage or bandwidth consumption. It's about redefining how we charge for services in the 5G era and beyond. With the ability to charge for virtually anything that can be measured, Nokia, along with Salesforce, Aria, and multiple CSP champions, is at the forefront of immersive retail innovation, driving the industry toward a future where business agility and commercial flexibility are keys to success.

Elana Crowne

About Elana Crowne

With 15 years of experience in business consulting and strategic marketing, both outside and within the Telecommunications industry, Elana is a skilled problem solver and storyteller with a customer first mindset. As Head of Product Marketing for Nokia's Charging and Mediation products, Elana is responsible for defining and taking the solution stories to market.

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Sophie Janss

About Sophie Janss

Sophie is a member of the Nokia Converged Charging (NCC) Product Line team, and is responsible for building the Charging Configurator. She is passionate about Design Thinking and User Experience and what these bring to product development. She has over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and has held various roles in R&D and project delivery.

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