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5G Survey: The Path to 5G monetization

Unlocking 5G revenues will depend on a major shift toward adaptable monetization systems

What are the top 5G monetization trends impacting CSPs and BSS evolution paths?
Find out what 100 CSPs had to say.

BSS need to evolve to support 5G monetization models

Very few CSPs have sufficient BSS in place to support 5G monetization. The existing systems are overwhelmingly unprepared to capitalize on 5G and unlock 5G revenue and there is a dire need to invest and evolve 5G BSS architecture. To effectively monetize the 5G network, CSPs need systems that can quickly adapt and respond to changing enterprise and consumer needs. Only 11% of respondents said they had such systems in place.

11 percent
enterprise services

5G Opportunities: Enterprise is key

Connectivity remains the CSP bread and butter but the key growth areas are increasingly aligned with the 5G enterprise opportunity. The 5G enterprise revenue growth areas are currently, in order, connectivity services, enterprise IoT, slicing services and media and entertainment.

5G business models: To be or not to be

To achieve the 5G business potential will require new business models and we've found that 60% of new revenue will come through B2B2X models, rather than the traditional B2B/B2C models. This will mean that partner ecosystems will become increasingly important and play a growing role in CSP revenue growth.


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the cloud

5G trends to watch: We're heading to the cloud

70% of CSPs are now considering deploying monetization systems on the cloud. A cloud native architecture is key to achieving a 5G-ready monetization system. This has many benefits including limitless scalability, an ideal platform for AI and analytics and edge compute capabilities for ultra-low latency use cases.

Our Nokia-commissioned global 5G survey of 100 service providers has found a plethora of insights on 5G trends that could prove crucial in planning for this new era.

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