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Jane Mack-Crane

Jane Mack-Crane

About Jane Mack-Crane

Jane Mack-Crane is Nokia Sales Director serving Verizon and their Public Sector customers. Jane is leading the Nokia team to deliver connectivity to Verizon's Education customers, both K-12 and higher education. Cities and school districts are increasingly in need of wireless solutions to address the digital divide, and higher education institutions are adopting 5G in the classroom as well as to increase security and safety on campuses. Leveraging Nokia’s commitment to “help the world act together,” Jane is developing the partnership with Verizon to bring Nokia’s 4G and 5G solutions to educators.

In 2020 Jane led the Nokia team to secure Verizon’s first global Private Wireless customer, deploying the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud Private 5G solution in a seaport in the UK.

Jane's prior roles within Nokia include Director Business Development, Director R&D, and Product Management. Jane currently serves on Nokia’s CEO Advisory Board, and was president of Nokia StrongHer Chicago chapter from 2018 thru 2021, working to increase gender diversity in technology fields.

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