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Luc Ongena

Luc is a Senior Consultant in Bell Labs Consultancy. His experiences include 30+ years in the telecom industry: Software engineering, Network Architecture, product lifecycle management and solution integration and operations analysis. He brings extensive industry knowledge and technical breadth and depth in developing solutions for business and operations transformations, network migrations and IT architectures. Luc also had led several innovation assessments and market opportunities and revenue enhancements projects in the SDN/NFV space, in support of Bell Labs research and new products launches. Luc’s recent focus has been on consulting with European service providers in analyzing their IMS and access network architectures and providing a second opinion, finding weaknesses and outlining their future stragtegy options. Luc, has a Master degree in Telecommunications at the University of Antwerp and a Postgraduate Marketing and Communication from Insead business school, Fontainebleau, near Paris, and was twice elected in the Alcatel-Lucent Technical Academy.