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Mauricio Subieta

Mauricio Subieta

About Mauricio Subieta

Dr. Mauricio Subieta is the Nokia Energy CTO for North America, working within the Network Infrastructure Digital Industries division. He leads the Industrial Cyber Security Program and serves as the technical architectural lead for networks and automation for the energy segment, overseeing the creation of solutions for electric utilities, oil and gas, and mining customers.

Dr. Subieta completed his undergraduate studies in Systems Engineering (BSc) at the Bolivian Catholic University in 1997. He subsequently earned his master’s and doctoral degrees in Telecommunications Management and Electrical Engineering at Oklahoma State University in 2002 and 2006, respectively. He was the recipient of the Fulbright scholarship for his graduate studies and held a distinguished researcher position at the Advanced Communications and Systems Engineering Laboratory at OSU.

Dr. Subieta’s professional background includes nearly a decade as a network and security compliance architect at Oklahoma Gas and Electric (OG&E), and more than seven years deploying wireless networks for prominent oil and gas companies such as Devon Energy and Chesapeake Energy. His extensive experience also encompasses more than 15 years of research in cyber security and telecommunications. Additionally, he has taught graduate-level courses at various institutions of higher education.

Dr. Subieta's areas of research and expertise include next-generation wired and wireless networking architectures, network traffic characterization and optimization, protocol design, system development and cyber security for industrial control systems and networks.