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Phani Koganti

Phani Koganti

About Phani Koganti

Phani a product leader, with a core engineering background in building complex networking products from ASICs to software, including cloud-native automation and operations for data center and telco networks. In his current role as product lead for Nokia Fabric Services, he drives the product strategy and architecture for network automation and visibility/analytics for data center and telco cloud NFVi networks.

He started his career with IBM research working on ATM. During his long career, he has played an active role in various technology transitions, starting with ATM to MPLS, static optical to GMPLS, SONET/SDH to optical Ethernet and OTN, Spanning Tree to TRILL to VxLAN, manual CLIs to API based automation, and centralized monolithic SDN to distributed (network) microservices. Phani has around 40 approved patents.

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