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Can AI-powered bots deliver better customer care?

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We have all had poor experiences with customer care, whether it was waiting in call queues, speaking with agents who do not understand your issue, or simply not getting your problem solved the first time. I have visited many call centres over the years and have seen the juggling act that is performed by customer service representatives (CSRs). It has become clear that requiring CSRs to multi-task is no longer ideal for providing effective customer care.

Fortunately, the future of customer care solutions will be driven by bot technology, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Nokia calls this ability to provide CSRs with an extra set of hands: ‘augmented customer care’.

Working Intelligently

While the CSR is speaking with the customer, interactive bots can work on numerous tasks in the background. A bot can review network and device information, access a library of use cases, pinpoint customer issues, and present CSRs with resolution options – all in real time. Interactive bots improve the accuracy and productivity of the CSRs dramatically, leading to a 20%average improvement in first contact resolution (FCR) rates.

These interactive bots continuously improve the customer experience by contributing to Dynamic Intelligent Workflows. Current call center workflows are fixed, step-by-step instructions based on best practices that provide a consistent approach to problem resolution. However, workflows often are not easily adaptable. Bots help to make workflows intelligent by using machine learning to analyze every single call that comes in. As the interactive bots learn what solutions are most effective for different circumstances, the bots will more accurately recommend the appropriate steps required to solve a particular issue. If you would like to know more about the details on Dynamic Intelligent Workflows, download our autonomous customer care whitepaper.

Understanding a customer’s pain points becomes automatic and does not leave the CSR guessing on what solution is required. Call centers that implement interactive bots can see a 90% reduction in unnecessary truck rolls because of this accuracy. So the benefits are two-fold with augmented customer care: enhanced CSR effectiveness and improved customer satisfaction.

Autonomous Customer Care… The “Shift-left” principle

The use of bot technology in customer service is the first step towards achieving ‘autonomous customer care’. The goal is to progressively reduce the effort required by both CSRs and customers; to ensure a seamless customer experience.

For starters, it is important to reduce the workload of CSRs and empower them with valuable insights when addressing customer issues. However, what’s next for customer care could look quite different. Why not work towards providing experiences that address customer issues before the customer even knows they exist? Bot technology opens up new possibilities for developing exemplary and cost effective customer care.

To learn more about how Nokia is using AI and machine learning, read our Artificial Intelligence white paper.  And be sure to follow our upcoming blogs in this series as we demonstrate the value of autonomous customer care.

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