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Digital services at the heart of 5G evolution

Digital services at the heart of 5G evolution

Mobile industry is facing a fundamental transformation when operators worldwide are increasingly deploying 5G technology. We can see three trends that go hand in hand with 5G adoption:

  • exploring new revenue opportunities with innovative use cases and connectivity options for consumers and in particular, enterprises
  • sharper focus on digitalization and automation to simplify network deployment and operations
  • commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency.  

I believe that network evolution needs a careful strategy which binds monetization factors into it. Ultimately, operators are looking for ways to reduce costs while never compromising the high level of network quality and customer experience. Digital services are right at the heart of a strategy for managing the 5G networks efficiently and benefiting from the new business models it enables.

Digitalization drives efficiency and sustainability

From architecture to operations to the very process of deployments, digitalization is the key to achieving cost and energy savings. We at Nokia have been investing heavily in automation, cloud-era delivery models, and digital tools, to support our customers in reaching their monetization, digitalization, and sustainability-driven business goals.

For example, our Network planning and optimization services help manage the lifecycle of critical networks efficiently and at a lower TCO. A great example is the innovative solution that creates a digital replica of the network, also known as a digital twin, helping design and optimize end-to-end network performance. As the complexity of the networks is increasing, there is a clear need for optimization which can cater to wide scenarios right from beam forming to multi-layer optimization and interference management backed by a seamlessly connected and secure tool ecosystem. When network performance is optimized, it consumes less energy and contributes to reaching climate goals.

We are embracing decarbonization throughout our rollout services. Our digital collaboration platforms, workflow orchestration systems and pre-integrated site solutions significantly reduce the amount of site visits needed to complete deployment and acceptance of every single 5G site. When frequent site visits that generate C02 emissions are no longer needed, it helps save the environment.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are central to the solution

Automation of manual tasks using artificial intelligence and machine learning will reduce human error and increase network quality. Our deployment services have achieved the humongous task of stitching all previously manual-driven tasks into one seamless services delivery platform that brings all the stakeholders together virtually, from site acquisition to site acceptance. In fact, in 2021 we started using our digital service delivery platform for all network deployment projects.

Another important use of AI/ML is for digital support services. We have pioneered Nokia Digital Assistant that helps in faster fault identification and better software management, including network upgrades and automated testing. It structures data from over 20 data sources, including live network data and customer data, creating a personalized knowledge base of network related information. In addition to the software, AI/ML is also transforming hardware services by infusing intelligence in the support portal, predictive anomaly detections as well as asset recovery services for ecologically sustainable operations.    
We are in a midst of huge transformation and evolution in technology. Digital services are mapping the right path for our customers to manage their 5G networks without unnecessary complexity. Talk to us at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on how we can help you make a huge impact on your network!

Samir Kumar

About Samir Kumar

Samir heads the Mobile Networks Services team as well as the Market Services team in North America. He is passionate about creating a digital service portfolio with best-in-class automated tools and processes that enhance the quality and cost efficiency of services that we provide for our customer networks.

You can reach him on LinkedIn.

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