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Enabling in-browser communications: A cloud SBC use case

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With VoLTE and VoWi-Fi gaining traction, communications service providers are regarding multi-device services as a must-have offering for customers. Typically this requires providers and device OEMs to pre-integrate every device and client before launch, which limits reach, and for users activation is often not an easy process.

In-browser communications provide an alternative — and simpler — way to enable multi-device services.

What’s needed for in-browser communications?

Adding WebRTC client-side application program interfaces (APIs) into the mix injects a whole lot of potential for innovation. That — coupled with quick, cloud-enabled deployment — equals a significant boost in market velocity. In-house developers can use the APIs to add browser access to existing IMS services. They can be exposed to third-party developers as well, who can build and resell mobile communications applications synchronized with enterprise contact centers, customer relationship management or any business process while turning over a cut of the profits to the provider.

For the end user, all of this results in services offering a superior, feature-rich, second-screen mobile calling experience that’s integrated into the web app’s user interface.

Nokia SBC for cloud

We launched our new SBC (session border controller) software in time for this year’s Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona. Our solution simplifies your path to renewing and migrating your SBC to the cloud, supports WebRTC sessions and includes WebRTC APIs. That makes it ideal for developing and setting up the enterprise-centric multi-device services I’ve described here. For more insight on the launch, visit our SBC launch page the Nokia latest launches website.

See it in action

You’ll have the chance to see in-browser communications at MWC 2017. We’ll be there with our partner Quobis demoing how developers can use straightforward and advanced APIs to push and pull in mobile communications into a well-known web-based business application.

Prefer to read on paper? Download this Nokia SBC brochure.

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