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Enabling managers to lead an aging workforce

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Nokia’s inclusion and diversity ambition is that everyone feels valued, respected, enabling them to do their best in a psychologically safe environment. Everyone needs to have equal opportunity to grow regardless of gender, ethnical background, sexual orientation and age. Demographic change in many societies leads to an aging workforce. Compared with youngsters, elderly employees have different wishes and needs. When it comes to working together in multigenerational teams, it is crucial that we understand and recognize the diverse perspectives, values and experiences of all generations, and do not let our biases hinder us.

To equip formal and informal people managers, teams and HR representatives to better lead multigenerational teams, we created an eBook called “Leading an aging workforce” to provide insights and practical tips about generational inclusion. The hints and tips shared in this eBook could be applied throughout the entire employee journey. This eBook got good feedback from Nokia leaders which encouraged us to share it also with others for inspiration.

How it all started and where we ended up

As a person who cares for old people, I started to study gerontology. At that point, I had only a vague idea how my studies could benefit Nokia.

Digging into the topic led me to a conversation with the Nokia Inclusion and Diversity lead to whom I expressed my dream to make significant impact for the aging people. We found a perfect match: my passion for gerontology and Nokia’s need to develop leaders who can lead multigenerational teams and especially the aging workforce.  

I started with a broad study of global research, surveys, statistics, and articles about aging workforce. I interviewed colleges over 55 years of age to get first-hand information about their motivation, what growth means for them and what kind of leadership style they appreciate. I also interviewed people managers and HR representatives about the biases and non-inclusiveness in people processes. I analysed our annual employee survey results including open comments to gain deeper understanding of this complex topic. From my interviewees, I also learned about good practices such as reverse mentoring, mentoring and job rotation.

The structure of the ‘Leading an aging workforce’ eBook considers the entire employment journey. It provides practical tips on a wide range of topics from recruitment and onboarding, through development of an aging workforce and leading multigenerational teams to discussions about retirement.

In addition, it

  • offers views how to inspire an aging workforce

  • provides tips for meaningful growth opportunities for experienced employees

  • gives guidelines how to build multigenerational teams

  • outlines what the benefits of a generationally diverse team are

  • shows what age discrimination looks like

  • busts myths

The benefits

We at Nokia want to further strengthen our inclusive culture, support all generations working together respectfully and efficiently and create a positive experience for all. This eBook sheds light on generational diversity and provides support to managers, teams, and HR representatives to be inclusive of all generations.  

To learn more, I invite you to download the eBook with all the ‘Food for thought for managers’ tips.

Minna Kiviluoma

About Minna Kiviluoma

Minna is a Portfolio Manager in MN Services, but she has been on job rotation in Inclusion and Diversity team for a year, during which she has created the Leading an aging workshop eBook and facilitated psychological safety workshops. Since joining Nokia in 1996 as Software engineer, she has held various roles, ranging from people managerial roles, to leading both R&D services programs & portfolios.

She is also a Nokia certified coach and a mentor.

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