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How AI driven care services make subscribers and operator support engineers happy

How AI driven care services make subscribers and operator support engineers happy

Today’s mobile networks are highly complex. It’s well understood that they can only be operated and maintained digitally. Adding AI and machine learning to the digital service delivery platform takes care efficiency to a higher level, unlocks new use cases in the care O&M environment and enables faster case resolution. We helped one of our customers, Safaricom Kenya, to fully transform its case handling experience and achieve significant improvement in customer experience as measured by their net promoter score.

Artificial Intelligence is a must for managing the complexity of 5G

With the increasing adoption of 5G, operators are deploying new network equipment to meet the different coverage, capacity and latency requirements of 5G users. However, the flexibility of 5G in supporting new use cases and services means that the network complexity increases significantly. It is not possible to manually handle all troubleshooting and maintenance in a 5G network without impacting resolution times and customer experience.

Digital care services that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) provide a solution for achieving a consistent level of user experience. The O&M personnel can leverage predictive analysis to take actions before the issues impact end users, as well as identify root causes faster with advanced troubleshooting. Without AI, troubleshooting and maintenance tasks in a multi-layered environment would require extensive engineering resources and cause significant delays in issue resolution.

AI-driven support services are now a reality

Throughout the network lifecycle, operators have different needs for digital care services. Scalability is a necessity to meet the different requirements at all stages. We have designed our AI-driven care services to fully support operators in their network evolution journey.

With a unified view of network data, care O&M engineers are able to identify issues and troubleshoot root causes faster. When adding AI and machine learning to the picture, we can achieve substantial efficiencies in care operations and maintenance, enabling over 30 percent faster case resolution. In addition, the predictive analytics and proactive services help mitigate issues before they impact end users, enabling OPEX savings for operators and improving user experience.

In today’s environment, omnichannel access with consistent experience across all support channels is a must. To create digital experiences with high impact, we provide the industry’s first chat bot, Nokia Digital Assistant, which allows 40 percent faster access to network data and is tailored to match the inquiries of the care engineer. It is also possible to get personalized recommendations based on past best practices in issue resolution.  

Our digital platforms help contextualize data that in turn unlocks new use cases in the O&M environment. With help of AI, they help streamline the workflows with automation. Linking tools and processes in the network to create one data stream simplifies the resolution of network issues, leading to more effective software and hardware maintenance.  

Nokia Digital Care Services helped Safaricom transform case handling – and make its subscribers happy

Safaricom, the leading mobile operator in Kenya is providing connectivity to businesses, consumers, and for the country’s economic growth. At the heart of Safaricom’s strategy is customer experience. The operator was looking for a solution to improve network quality and turned to Nokia for help.

We provided an automated case handling solution that can pick up issues in the network proactively with help of artificial intelligence. Our solution enabled automated log collection and accelerated the processing and resolution of incidents. With our support, Safaricom was able to fully transform its case handling process, helping care engineers become more productive by moving one of the most time-consuming part of their workload to the AI algorithms. As a result, Safaricom was able to significantly reduce incidents in the network before they had an impact on the mobile users – making its subscribers happy.

Watch this video to learn more about the concrete results in Safaricom’s project

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