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Leading 5G markets choose Nokia

5G is an evolutionary technology but it will have a revolutionary impact, delivering blisteringly fast data speeds to consumers as well as ultra-reliability, low latency and massive machine type communications to a range of different vertical sectors. 5G will drive efficiencies and enhance the performance of areas such as industrial automation, smart stadia and immersive technologies such as virtual reality to name just a few. It will deliver profound socio-economic change to businesses and citizens alike and usher in an era of compelling new services. Service providers are undergoing a challenging and potentially disruptive process of upgrading their networks in readiness to deliver on this 5G vision where making the right choices and having the right information available to them is of critical importance.

Nokia is at the forefront of this revolution. We have already secured 63 global 5G contracts and over 100 5G agreements in total and have seen 18 5G networks go live around the world. This is supported by a strong pipeline of new business that’s set to swell these figures even further. What is clear is that Nokia is the vendor of choice for almost all of the leading early adopter 5G markets. This includes all three advanced Korean operators, KT Corp, LG Uplus and SKT Telecom – which have already collectively reached 4 million 5G subscribers - as well as Du, Ooredoo Qatar in the Middle East and AT&T, Sprint, US Cellular and Verizon in the U.S. T-Mobile became the first U.S carrier to switch on a nationwide 5G network covering over 200 million people and over 5,000 cities including rural communities. Nokia’s end-to-end portfolio plays a key part in delivering T-Mobile’s 5G network. This is 5G deployment on a grand scale. In these early deployments, 5G networks depend on strong 4G networks and Nokia also has the best performing 4G networks.

Europe is a multi-speed continent with some countries progressing faster than others in the race to build 5G networks, with the industry association GSMA predicting that 5G coverage will on average only reach 40% by 2021. This perhaps represents a cautious approach to investment with operators continuing to look to recoup on 4G outlay. However, there are plenty of valid options available to European operators regardless of where they are on the journey. Indeed, Nokia is already working with Elisa, Telia, Three UK, TIM, Salt and Vodafone Italy to name but a few.

End-to-End Differentiation

As the only vendor with the expertise and global leadership across all 5G elements and an end-to-end portfolio that offers operators and enterprise customers a simple and efficient path to 5G, it is not difficult to understand why the market’s first movers are selecting Nokia. Our solutions offer a straightforward step-wise upgrade of existing radio access, core and transport domains which helps customers with a faster time to market, a high performance and a lower total cost of ownership for 5G. Indeed, we encourage customers to adopt a five-step approach for 5G deployment and operations. Nokia’s end-to-end portfolio is designed to make it easy for service providers to prepare for the complexity of slicing and upselling 5G use cases to new markets. It also means that we have insight into every part of the 5G journey meaning we can support customers accordingly. Adopting this approach will give operators a platform to grow their businesses and continue to invest incrementally in 5G, delivering a safer, more productive and sustainable society.

The Importance of Patents

Nokia Bell Labs has invented, developed and led standardisation efforts for many of the fundamental 5G wireless technologies that are enabling the industry to build out compelling 5G based services. A common misconception is that European vendors are behind other advanced markets in terms of contributions to standards and patents. In fact, Nokia, backed by research from Nokia Bell Labs, is one of the global leaders in R&D and contributors to 5G standards, with more than 2,000 patent families declared essential for 5G in just 12 months and with more to follow. Nokia also invests the equivalent of 20% of its total revenue in 5G related R&D. 

Security First

Of paramount importance is the trust and security of networks. Nokia is a trusted partner for operators, enterprises, and governments around the globe. Security must be embedded at every stage of the network architecture and throughout network operations, supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect and prevent potential attacks. Our end-to-end security solution means that customers don’t have to worry when providing services to mission-critical industries for energy, public safety or transport markets.

The world’s most advanced 5G markets and front-runners are selecting Nokia. With a comprehensive and secure end-to-end portfolio, operators can be assured that they can seamlessly upgrade their networks to 5G and offer a broad range of compelling 5G services to both existing and new customers.

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