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Boost your video ad performance with Mobile Edge Computing

This blog is by Uwe Pützschler from the Networks business of Nokia.
Twitter: @nokianetworks

How much time have you spent waiting for the video clips to load on your smartphone or tablet? Probably too much...

It’s really annoying if you want to watch a video and it takes forever to start or it stops every couple of seconds. This happens because the content is stored too far away from you. It has to travel all the way from a content server somewhere in the Internet through the operator network to your mobile device. As a result, we often stop the video before it has even started. For mobile advertisers who use video ads, that’s a disaster.

At Nokia Networks, we have developed a smart technology that tackles the problem. It delivers content and services much faster to your smartphone or tablet. We call this technology Liquid Applications, in the industry it’s also known as Mobile Edge Computing. At the heart of this technology is an intelligent edge service running in the base station. This service provides storage and processing capabilities, bringing context-relevant content and services closer to the subscriber.

The Institute for Strategy, Technology and Organization (ISTO) and the Chair for Mobile and Distributed Systems of the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich have recently conducted a field


study in cooperation with Nokia Networks, Mobalo (a company specialized on location-based mobile advertising) and Smart Mobile Labs to find out if consumer perception and acceptance changes in relation to the visual performance quality of video ads. In other words: will you watch longer and will you be more likely to buy the advertised product if the video starts quickly?

In the study, participants were shown a travel web page with an integrated advertising video on a tablet. One group had a tablet that was connected over a standard mobile connection. The other group was connected via a base station with the edge service.

Proof that people will view ads longer

The study showed that as a result of lower buffer times, participants on the edge service connection watched the video ad for a much longer time (on average more than double the time) compared to the other group, which occasionally exited the video before buffering was completed. Tom Rauhe from Mobalo also highlighted, that the women in the study, who were the main target group of one of the ads, actually watched the video 4 times longer when the buffer time was optimized.

Another essential finding: People who watched the video via the edge service also gave a more favorable rating of the two advertised brands, indicating that faster loading of the videos also significantly increased the ads’ effectiveness. Interestingly, the effect was stronger for women than for men.

This provides a very clear answer to the question above: Yes, people will watch video ads for a significantly longer time if the video starts promptly and has the added impact of improving their perception of the advertised brands.

So - marketing departments and advertisers, take note! This is the way to improve the return on investment for your video ads. And for mobile operators – it’s a compelling business opportunity.

Learn more about Nokia’s Liquid Applications and mobile edge computing here.

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