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My Life at Nokia: Nitasha Makhija

My Life at Nokia: Nitasha Makhija

Hello everyone, I am Nitasha Makhija from Customer Experience (CX) and part of GSS (Global Sales Support) team, and I've been with #TeamNokia for more than 12 years! 
I started my career as a lecturer in an engineering college. This is a very interesting story; during the last year, I took the common admission test (CAT) exam and got admission on merit basis to the Young Men Christian Association University of Science and Technology (YMCA). While everybody was worried about their job at that point in time, I thought I was the most sorted person in my class.  
That was a huge turning point. I was enjoying my holidays, and then I got a call from my alma mater BS Anangpuria Institute of Technology and Management (BSAITM). Being the university ranker, they wanted me to appear for the lecturer interview. Lo & behold, I got selected and I left the MBA from YMCA. On the very first day of my joining, I had butterflies in my stomach since I was directly appointed for teaching final year students. However, no matter the fact that the teaching journey was impeccable, I realized I had to work somewhere else. I came to Gurgaon for a walk-in interview, and luckily, after 3 hours of a technical interview, I got selected by Nokia which is how my Nokia journey began. 
Coming to my personal life, I am a mother of a beautiful and lovable daughter, Jivika, who indeed does justice with her name, Jivika: Our source of life. Moreover, I am creative by nature  and love cooking as well. It is the key mantra that always keeps me motivated and rejuvenated.  
There were so many ups and downs with my health and even though these issues persist, but I usually try that they should not impact or hamper my learning path or success. There was a point when I thought that I wouldn’t be able to recuperate, but life has taught me various lessons. I am a firm believer that saturation comes in business, not in the brain. We should try to learn at every stage of life. So, keep your brain open for creative and innovative ideas! 

While I lost the MBA opportunity during college due to the lectureship. I believe there is no finish line for learning, and that's why I opted for my MBA even after having a baby. She was four at that time. It was not at all a small decision to join weekend classes, which used to be run for almost 12 hours, but thanks to my husband, my daughter and my entire family, who supported me wholeheartedly during this journey, now I have my master's degree too!
Currently, I am elected as President of  Nokia Noida Toastmasters Club and I’m a public speaker as well on various platforms providing insights not only in technical domain but in people management domain as well. 
Now you all must be thinking that I have already talked a lot about myself, but who is the real me? If you try to join all dotted points, you will get one word for me: “Philomath”! 

I am the one who enjoys learning new facts and acquiring new knowledge. For me, learning is infinite, and so is passion. So don’t forget to fuel your passion!

Nitasha Makhija

About Nitasha Makhija

Nitasha is working as a Solution Manager at Nokia. She has been working with this organization for more than 12 years now. Currently, she is not only working in the technical domain but acting as a public speaker and VP--Pr of Toastmasters international Nokia Noida club and has been engaged with various people management activities as well. Lastly, she is an extrovert, fun-loving, social person who always likes to learn at every stage of life.

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