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Networks for the cloud, the Nokia way

Networks for the cloud, the Nokia way

In 2024, I embarked upon a new adventure as head of webscale sales in Europe. I spent a lot of my first few months meeting different cloud-based companies that I would group as “webscalers” such as:

  • cloud-based service providers who offer IaaS/PaaS cloud services,

  • cloud data center providers who offer colocation and connectivity services,

  • and cloud content providers who provide cloud-based content to consumers and enterprises.

I came to a rapid conclusion that these companies embody a philosophy that transcends their boundaries. This philosophy is sympatico with an approach that drives innovation, removes artificial silos, while fearlessly leveraging new technology like automation or AI, to get the most from their resources. This philosophy also challenges and empowers everyone in these organizations to take responsibility and be part of the solution.

This is what a webscale company means to me and I feel both fortunate and excited to be involved in this webscale or cloud movement. I am confident that with this philosophy deeply engrained within their cultural fabric, these companies will succeed in both shaping the internet of tomorrow while also dictating how the latest technology such as automation, AI, ML will used.

I am thrilled with the fact that Nokia’s portfolio of network infrastructure solutions can really help our webscale customers execute on their philosophy while exceeding their lofty their goals and aspirations. With Nokia’s portfolio we offer industry leading solutions from IP routing and optical transport to advanced security and automation capabilities. As a testament to this, in the short time I have been in this position, we have publicly released partnerships with Telehouse America, Netrouting and signetbreedband. With Telehouse, we delivered both IP routing and optical solutions to power one of the largest exchanges in the USA, their NYIIX exchange. For Netrouting, we deployed both our IP routing and optical solutions to provide scale and stability for their cloud and data center services. Partnering with signet.breedband, our advanced routing capabilities allowed them to provide the performance, scale, and resiliency needed to offer the most advanced business services in the Netherlands.

On June 24th, we hope to instill some of what we learned about webscale to all of you. Join the Nokia team, our customers, analysts and industry leaders for a week of webinars that we are calling, “Networks for the cloud, what you need to know”. During this week, we will focus on emerging industry trends, evolving requirements, and best practices in the ever-changing technological landscape of the cloud infrastructure market. Some of the many topics we address include:

  • the impact that AI will have on cloud networks and how to navigate around it,

  • how the growth of edge computing and analytics will impact the bandwidth required to the metro edge and for data center interconnection (DCI),

  • the approach needed to get your data center network ready for AI,

  • the growth of the IXPs and how they are evolving,

  • and much, much more.

To register please sign up to any or all of these session from this registration link, Networks for the Cloud, what you need to know | Nokia. I hope to see you there.

Paul Alexander

About Paul Alexander

Paul Alexander is the Head of Big Web and Cloud Infrastructure at Nokia. With a robust career spanning several prestigious firms, Paul previously held senior leadership roles at WorldCom, Marconi, and Alcatel before it became part of Nokia. His expertise is deeply rooted in guiding customers to deliver technological and infrastructure enhancements in the communications sector. Paul is now at the forefront of Nokia's expansion into the cloud technology arena, an area poised as the next major growth frontier in the communications industry.

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