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Nokia People Digital Strategy

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Nokia’s People Digital vision is to create a fully digitalized work experience that maintains the human connection.

Making our vision a reality means

  • Creating an unbeatable experience for Nokia employees
  • Increasing efficiency and productivity, by reducing bureaucracy and complexity
  • Using technology to foster a culture of collaboration and innovation to prepare for future skills and roles
  • Strengthening our brand by upholding our commitment to digital innovation and privacy through the responsible use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Check out this video about our People Digital Strategy.

The People Digital Strategy is Nokia’s proactive approach to address three global trends that are shaping the future of work: hyper-personalization, future workforce and rapid pace of technological change.

We have identified seven digitalization focus areas which will guide our long term plans providing a scalable framework for new technologies.

  1. Simplifying our technology architecture and reducing our digital footprint

  2. Embracing a rigorous stance on employee privacy rights in our tools and processes

  3. Using technology to enhance self-service

  4. Enabling a central, personalized interface for all Nokia employees

  5. Applying skills insights for developing talent

  6. Creating virtual, interactive spaces for onboarding, training, and collaboration in a corporate metaverse

  7. Using immersive technologies to revolutionize the learning experience

In the near term, we shall invest our efforts on the first four focus areas to move us closer to our digital vision.

As we progress and learn from our adoption of new technologies, the Nokia People digital strategy will continue to evolve. The rapid pace of technological change means we shall continue to investigate the potential of new technologies on the horizon, such as the metaverse, and update our roadmap with scalable solutions that create value.

Amy Hanlon-Rodemich

About Amy Hanlon-Rodemich

Amy was appointed Nokia’s Chief People Officer in October 2022. She has a depth of experience in using technology to transform HR functions to deliver unique, personalized experiences to employees. She is responsible for all people-related topics to provide a supportive working environment for all Nokia employees and enable them to thrive.

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