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Playing our part in the fight against coronavirus

The world has never felt more connected than right now.

We are all asking the same questions and having the same conversations. We are all hoping for a breakthrough in the fight against the COVID-19 coronavirus, and we all have concerns for the welfare of our family and friends, and our colleagues and communities.

To protect ourselves against the virus, and to eventually find a vaccine, both will require the free flow of information and ideas across borders, especially as countries go into lockdown and flights are grounded.

At Nokia, we have always believed the networks we build, and the communications we enable, are part of the world’s critical infrastructure – from the emergency services, to supermarket deliveries, to the millions of people working remotely, and to the households relying on our networks for education, entertainment, and to stay in touch with loved ones during countrywide shutdowns.

We know we have a duty to our customers, and the communities they serve, to keep these vital communication channels running even as usage reaches unprecedented levels.

We are continuously monitoring the developing global situation and taking precautionary measures to maintain customer networks. This includes creating command centers to manage supply chains and overcome logistical challenges, and increasing virtual interactions with customers.

We also have a duty of care to our employees to protect them and allow them to work remotely and flexibly where possible, so we can overcome the disruption and challenges we currently face. We have put in place strict protocols for Nokia facilities, including restricting all non-essential visitors, reduced occupancy, enhanced building hygiene measures, and clear advice to our employees in how they can mitigate the risks of COVID-19.

But we also have another duty – to the societies where Nokia operates; and as a global company, we have a duty to be part of the global fight against this pandemic.

So today, Nokia is launching a Coronavirus Global Donation Fund.

This fund is intended to support charities, hospitals, health clinics, and other frontline non-governmental organizations who are leading the fight against COVID-19 and trying to mitigate its effect on communities.

Financial assistance will be targeted to where it is most needed in countries across the world. Country-specific donations will be made to grassroots organizations from healthcare to childcare, to elderly rehabilitation, to community support services.

It is a small step, but these grassroots groups make a big difference to people’s lives, and we want to support them as best we can.

Now is the time for us all to pull together and play our part.

The world has never been more connected, nor has it ever been more united.

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Rajeev Suri

About Rajeev Suri

During his tenure as Nokia CEO, Rajeev transformed Nokia into a leading technology company for a world connected by 5G and shaped by increasing digitalization and automation. Under his leadership, Nokia acquired Alcatel-Lucent, successfully expanded into enterprise vertical markets, created a standalone software business, and engineered the return of the Nokia brand to mobile phones.

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