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Ready, Set, Go MulteFire

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Barcelona in February is usually a bit cold, but it will be hot this year thanks to Nokia’s MulteFire activities at Mobile World Congress 2016.

After just a few months since the creation of the MulteFire Alliance, Nokia is already able to show the industry’s first live MulteFire demonstration running throughout the Congress. Visitors will see:


  1. The live MulteFire download and upload throughputs using a pre-commercial small cell based on the award-winning Nokia Flexi Zone
  2. The harmonious coexistence between MulteFire and Wi-Fi
  3. The enhanced coverage feature of MulteFire.

The live demonstration will assure mobile operators and other interested organizations that MulteFire is now closer to reality than ever. The live demonstration will also show that LTE can be deployed in standalone mode in unlicensed spectrum, which is an important use case for many indoor and outdoor deployments including enterprise offices, venues and transportation hubs such as airports and train stations.

The live coexistence demo will show how MulteFire and Wi-Fi work together and meet stringent regulatory requirements, such as those required in Europe and Japan.

Moreover, the enhanced coverage of MulteFire will reduce total cost of ownership and is certain to raise strong interest from the global community of mobile operators, cable operators, ISPs, venue owners and enterprises.

Catch a glimpse of the live MulteFire demonstration in this video.

But that’s not all Nokia will be doing with MulteFire in Barcelona as we focus on globalizing and commercializing the technology. The Congress marks the MulteFire Alliance’s first public event. Stephan Litjens, MulteFire Alliance board chair and head of Innovation Steering at Nokia, will deliver a keynote speech on “The Promise of MulteFire”. In addition, Randy Cox, head of Product Management, Small Cells at Nokia will speak on the Technical Panel topic of MulteFire .

“The MulteFire Alliance is committed to developing a technology designed to meet global unlicensed band regulations, including Listen-Before-Talk features required in regions such as Europe and Japan, for a truly global reach,” said Litjens. “The Alliance members are taking great care to ensure that MulteFire technology will harmoniously coexist with other technologies in unlicensed spectrum bands.”

Missing the live demo? Please contact your Nokia representative to learn more.

For a quick overview, visit the Nokia MulteFire web page, the MulteFire Alliance web page or download the Nokia MulteFire Executive Summary.

See the press release: MulteFire Alliance to Showcase Momentum at Mobile World Congress

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Ashish Dayama

About Ashish Dayama

Ashish Dayama is the multiple award-winning team member of the Nokia, North America Field Marketing and he is the Head of US Gov. marketing and Mobile Network NAM Field Marketing. He is Co-Chair of Next G Alliance MarCom Committee and has represented Nokia Marketing for as a Chair and Vice Chair for WInnForum and MulteFire Alliance. Mr. Dayama has been solution architect, system integrator and business developer for products and services. He has filed patents, published papers, and is a speaker on various forums such as Light Reading, IoT Evolution Expo, IEEE, and BBWF. He holds an MBA from University of Chicago, MS in Computer Science, and a Bachelor’s in Electrical.

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