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Real-time data: The key to knowing your customer and monetizing 5G

Real-time data: The key to knowing your customer and monetizing 5G

Consumer and enterprise customers today expect a seamless, digital-first, personalized customer experience. Communication Service Providers (CSPs) have been trying to keep up with digital first companies for several years, but the advent of 5G, and the new monetization opportunities and business models that come with it, has now created a perfect storm that CSPs are uniquely positioned to weather.

Traditional customer engagement is no longer enough

The ways in which CSPs have traditionally approached and managed customer engagement aren't enough to adequately meet the expectations of the customer of today. CSPs today need to provide a holistic customer journey – meeting their customer with the right offers, in the right channel, in real-time. They also need to support more than just traditional CSP service offers and connectivity packages and move towards services beyond connectivity like advanced 5G offerings and services and support new business models and digital partner ecosystems. Supporting new business models is particularly important for CSPs looking to effectively monetize 5G as according to our recent Nokia survey, 60 percent of 5G revenue will come from B2B2X business models.

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Key gaps remain for CSPs to engage across the full customer journey

Although CSPs have made progress in how they engage with their customers, there are still several gaps that remain if CSPs want to engage across the complete customer journey. 

  1. Lack of real-time data – siloed systems utilizing historical data, sometimes days or weeks old, prevents real time and contextual actions
  2. Lack of personalized engagements - lack of dynamic and personalized engagements and focus on mass campaigns
  3. Current systems don't meet TTM requirements – not designed for telco marketing to cover B2B. B2C, B2B2X, and lack of intuitive systems that require heavy IT support
  4. Lack of journey / cascade marketing – not capable of cascade marketing to support more complex customer engagements and journeys in mass events (e.g. sports, concerts etc.)

CSPs have left untapped potential of real-time personalization and channels for B2C / B2B / B2B2X with their current approach to customer engagement. Journey orchestration is the way forward, which according to Analysys Mason involves "combining the orchestration of customer engagement channels with journey analytics". CSPs need to have a complete, up-to date, 360 view of their consumer and enterprise customers in order to engage across the full journey lifecycle.

Nokia AVA Customer Journey Orchestration

To meet this need, Nokia has developed AVA Customer Journey Orchestration. The solution implements holistic customer journey orchestration for CSPs to automate real-time and contextual marketing and engagement with their end customers (B2C, B2B(2x)) via digital marketplaces. 

For all customers (B2C / B2B / B2B2X): Our solution offers personalized customer engagement and touchpoints based on usage history and real-time data for consumer and enterprise customers that can be used across any channel

Industry expertise – access to real-time data: Full access to real-time network events and network analytics through our unrivaled domain expertise and engagement models designed for telco customer segments

Designed for marketing: No-code UX to empower business teams to rapidly design & launch new customer engagement objectives quickly and efficiently

Intelligence everywhere: Part of the AVA suite of products with intelligence everywhere, and AI optimized for accurate targeting


The perfect storm is no longer brewing, it's here, and CSPs that act now are the ones that will thrive as 5G continues to become a reality. Using real-time data to create a holistic, 360 view of consumer and enterprise customers is no longer a nice to have but a necessity as CSPs look towards effective customer engagement and monetization in the age of 5G.

Visit our webpage to find out more about our solution or download our whitepaper here.

Tero  Lindholm

About Tero Lindholm

Tero is the head of Nokia's Engage & Monetize portfolio, is enthusiastic in modern software product and people leadership. Tero is responsible for building our innovative monetization and customer engagement automation products ensuring the CSPs successfully to tap every revenue opportunity and engage with their customers in a personalized and contextual manner increasing loyalty and providing great digital experiences. Tero has held several leadership positions over 25 years in the telecom industry and launched successful innovative monetization and customer engagement products to market, utilized by major CSPs globally.

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Elana Crowne

About Elana Crowne

With 15 years of experience in business consulting and strategic marketing, both outside and within the Telecommunications industry, Elana is a skilled problem solver and storyteller with a customer first mindset. As Head of Product Marketing for Nokia's Charging and Mediation products, Elana is responsible for defining and taking the solution stories to market.

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