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Scalable real-time multimedia solutions for Industry 4.0

Scalable real-time multimedia solutions for Industry 4.0

Nokia has been at the forefront of technological innovation in multimedia for over 30 years. The next industrial revolution—Industry 4.0—is being made possible by a step change in connectivity. Zero-latency, high-bandwidth-secure, reliable and cost-effective 5G private networks will combine with immersive video, audio and IoT technology.

A more efficient and engaged working world

For a prime example of what this new technological era can bring, look no further than our new Real-time Extended Reality Multimedia (RXRM) solution. RXRM leverages ground-breaking 360° video and 3D spatial audio to provide truly immersive experiences that are streamed in real-time. Our aim with RXRM is to make industrial processes more efficient, reduce downtime and provide employees with a better and safer working environment.  Critical processes that keep our world running—from warehouse logistics through to agriculture—stand to benefit from features such as real-time audio-visual monitoring and remote operation.

Digital twinning opens up new possibilities by combining the metaverse with the physical world and adding functionality to working processes. Predictive maintenance is also possible owing to the round-the-clock access that 360° cameras can provide to otherwise inaccessible environments, such as wind turbines or elevator shafts. Such environments can also be continually monitored and supplemented by 3D audio that hears more than the human ear.

A scalable solution that fits in with your existing setup

While still in the development phase, RXRM is open for piloting. It is a software-based solution with a flexible architecture that can also be applied to existing hardware setups. It will be available on a SaaS (Software as a Service) model that minimizes the investment risk for businesses and allows for greater transparency. The SaaS model is in line with today’s customer expectations, as scalable subscription models have come to replace one-off bespoke solutions as a purchasing preference.

If the results meet expectations, then the solution can be dynamically expanded according to need. A prospective customer can try out RXRM using, for example, a single-camera installation which is then channeled to a single viewer via a media server. 360° cameras can be integrated into a pre-existing small-scale network of fixed cameras that are streamed to a mission control room. RXRM provides a scalability that ensures everything from an elevator in a neighborhood shopping mall to rural mining environments, manufacturing plants and maritime ports run smoothly.

Let’s collaborate

We are looking for new partners who can leverage the potential of real-time multimedia to transform their operations. Please get in touch if you are interested. We are also taking part in the upcoming Slush 2022 event in Helsinki, Finland, which provides the perfect opportunity to connect and start innovating together. Visit the new Nokia Ventures page to discover how RXRM can change the way you view your industrial processes and book a meeting with us at Slush on November 17-18. 

Sami Ranta

About Sami Ranta

Sami Ranta is the General Manager leading the Nokia Real-time Extended Reality Multimedia (RXRM) solution. Sami has over 20 years of experience in the commercialization of digital products and services. Together with his team he develops new SaaS (Software as a Service) businesses and industrial solutions to help other companies further digitalize their operations.

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