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Sustainable design brought to life: our new office in Jakarta

Sustainable design brought to life: our new office in Jakarta

In July 2022, Nokia welcomed employees into a brand-new office in Jakarta, Indonesia. Following the Future Nokia Workplace concept, the workspace is designed to fit a variety of work styles. The types of spaces offered are the connect zone, dedicated to Group work and collaboration, the open zone, dedicated to routine work such as emailing and online meetings, and the focus zone, dedicated to high concentration work.

The office is a direct reflection of Nokia's aim to increase its sustainability efforts. The implementation of sustainable-driven projects has been increasingly evident in recent years. Some examples include the installation of solar panels in our Portugal and Chennai sites, enabling them to become partially self-reliant and supporting Nokia's objective to have 100 percent renewable electricity in our facilities. Another case is our Stuttgart office designed with the ambition to reduce carbon emissions by 40 percent yearly. Nokia aims to reduce all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 50 percent between 2019 and 2030, and People & Places plays a key role, setting more stringent annual goals, such as our 2022 annual goal of a 45 percent reduction of GHG emissions from our 2019 baseline within our offices.

Flexible workspaces

Jakarta office green certification

The new Jakarta Office implements multiple sustainability features that help mitigate the environmental impact of the building. The most prominent of them is the building’s compliance with the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Green Mark Certification. The certification evaluates a building’s environmental performance and awards qualified buildings with a green mark certification. Some key environmental solutions in the building are:

Reduction of potable water consumption

  • Through usage of recycled water for irrigation and cooling tower
  • Installation of water meters to monitor consumption and identification of water leakages  

Energy efficient features

  • Energy efficient: Lighting (LED), air conditioners, lifts, and escalators
  • Using daylight and motion lighting sensors in washrooms, staircases and working areas

Other green measures

  • Usage of sustainable construction materials, greenery and use of refrigerants to reduce effects to the ozone layer and global warming

Inclusive, Modern and Local Design

An all-inclusive office design has never been more important. The design of the Jakarta office focuses on 3 key elements: inclusive amenities, modern features, and local culture.  
The office provides a prayer room, where employees can pray, meditate or reflect, regardless of their faith. Caring for our nursing mothers, we’ve also included a mother's room furnished with a refrigerator and a freezer, cabinets, a sink, and a private area to accommodate to the needs of new mothers as they head back to work.

Within the building, employees enjoy a wealth of modern features which include a wellness room equipped with a workout station where employees can relax, a music area to spark creativity, and a sofa bed for short rests. The office includes local elements in its design to create a space that is representative of the Indonesian culture.

Inclusion features

Digital Infographic wall: Highlighting Nokia's ESG values

As part of the design concept of the office, a dynamic artwork wall was installed (A combination of static and digital graphics). The wall highlights 3 layers of Nokia's ESG initiatives at a Global, Local and Office level. At a global level, the message is around maximizing our handprint and minimizing our footprint, in line with our sustainability goals. At a local level, we provide critical networks enabling digital access to healthcare, education, social services, etc., while also working together with UNICEF to better health services through digitalization. Lastly, at the office level, the sustainability features - above mentioned - which granted us the green certification.

By ensuring that our buildings are certified under global standards through implementing environmentally friendly features, People & Places plays an important part in Nokia's efforts to reduce its emissions. Our office design offers our employees a variety of spaces, all while feeling healthier and more connected to their community.  

We want to thank everyone involved in making this project a reality. Seamless collaboration with the business was essential to ensure the design goals were met while satisfying our employee’s needs. Our special thanks to the change champions who helped the project team with open communication and transmitting project updates to the rest of the site employees.


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