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Television like you’ve never seen before

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Any Vision. The highly personalized future of television.

The Nokia video team have been imagining the future. Working with industry experts, researchers and innovators to evaluate technology and commercial innovation, we have looked forward to a radically different video market in 2025.

A new and more ambitious vision is emerging for content consumption—one that allows players across the industry value chain to think bolder and bigger. The possibilities of video content delivery and consumption in this emerging world will be limitless and Nokia is poised to support the pioneers who are building towards this future.

This thinking is captured within Any Vision, a philosophy for the future of our client’s video business that captures the technical possibilities emerging, but also paints an inclusive picture of what will be mainstream consumption experience for years.  Any Vision is built on three strands of analysis:  Any Surface, Any Show and Any One.

Any Surface captures Nokia’s thinking about how consumers will increasingly expect to get their video on any screen or surface available to them. Users will no longer be tied to watching TV on a piece of glass or specific screen bolted to walls. Instead, almost any flat surface will be able to render content. Consumers will use new enhanced and interactive screen technologies, embrace head mounted displays, and mobile or holographic projection. We will work with clients as they plan for the emergence of responsive video and the role of voice, gesture and eye control in these new systems.

What if television were just for you?

The Any Show philosophy assumes that consumers in this new world will expect access to any content at any time via these new screens; and where new and immersive content formats can be developed in response to consumer curation and interaction. To deliver this, our clients will have to curate content for individuals and groups dynamically and in real time. Nokia will build systems to help them manipulate a myriad of datasets analysing almost infinite individual and group characteristics and attributes as machine learning becomes instrumental in shaping content curation.

Secondly our clients platforms must allow for a world where the lines between live, recorded, on-demand, curated, time-shifted or virtual content will blur and consumers increasingly self-curate.

Finally, the Any One philosophy of content creation posits that consumers will expect to access content from any and all brands and that the production of content will be democratized. Any content creator or brand with video to share will become a potential broadcaster. Nokia will create systems that mean content producers of all types will be able to deliver video to open platforms to satisfy consumer appetite. Our client platforms will increasingly become ‘super-aggregators’ in this environment.

Any Vision will guide Nokia and our clients towards this new world. It will enable and encourage experimentation with new content types and formats, yielding breakthrough innovations. Any Vision is not a dream, rather it is a glimpse of an imminent reality with dramatic implications and I’m truly excited to be a part of it.

Nokia is preparing to support consumers who expect persistent, ubiquitous connectivity and clients looking to rapidly migrate intelligence into their networks in response.

What do you think about our highly personalized view of television? Comment below and learn more on our dedicated Any Vision webpage.

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Paul Larbey

About Paul Larbey

Paul Larbey heads the IP Video Business Unit within the IP and Optical Networks business group in Nokia. In this role, Paul is responsible for the strategy, management, development and delivery of the entire video portfolio within Nokia, including the Velocix product family and systems integration services. Paul is based in Cambridge, UK with his family and his well-earned reputation for being one of those people who can see what’s needed, and make it happen.

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