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Simplify and accelerate fiber network evolution

Next-generation PON: The next step for GPON

Simplify and accelerate fiber network evolution with our universal next-generation PON approach.

Our universal next-generation PON approach converges several key NG-PON technologies into one solution. It lets you connect XG-PON1, XGS-PON or TWDM-PON optical network terminations using one line card and a platform that is already widely deployed for GPON. With our solution, you can make simple, flexible and efficient network upgrades to 10G and beyond.

Turn fiber into a value generator

Fiber network evolution isn't all about boosting bandwidth. To succeed in the long term, you need technologies that will help you generate more revenue, get more value from the network, and decrease your costs and risk. Our universal next-generation approach addresses this need by allowing you to:

  • Reuse your existing ISAM FX platform and outside plant
  • Offer choice of 10G flavors (symmetrical, asymmetrical, fixed or tunable)
  • Start with cost-efficient XGS-PON fixed optics
  • Upgrade at a cost and pace that work for your business
  • Automate and simplify deployment, maintenance and evolution with Access Controller

By deploying our next-generation PON solution, you can open up new paths to efficiency, value and growth, either on your own or in partnership with others.

Get the right solution for all your needs


When you upgrade your network, you need to choose technologies that will let you deliver competitive services and generate a good return on investment. You also need to balance short- and longer-term thinking. A wrong choice today could lead to expensive forklift upgrade in the future.

Our universal next generation PON solution gives you the flexibility to overcome these challenges.

You can address current demand with XGS-PON technology that supports 10/10G and 10/2.5G bit rates using cost-effective non-tunable optics. This approach allows you to add wavelengths to existing fiber and generate revenue with premium 10G services.

Next, you can introduce TWDM-PON by adding tunable optics to existing access nodes. With TWDM-PON, you can increase bandwidth, streamline operations and facilitate co-investment.


Nokia can help you make a successful move to next-generation PON Our award-winning FTTH solutions have been deployed by more than 200 operators. They power some of the biggest and most advanced fiber networks in the world. We were the first to deliver 10G technologies over fiber, copper and cable, supported by innovations and expertise from our Bell Labs researchers. We are committed to leading the industry into the next-generation PON era, and to helping you use get more value from your fiber network.



Why adopt universal next-generation PON?

Comprehensive service convergence

Stop paying to run a separate network for each service. With our solution, you can converge business and backhaul services on your residential network. You can also assign each service to a separate wavelength and let it evolve at its own pace.

A flexible next-generation PON deployment lets you:

  • Increase bandwidth or support more residential users by adding wavelengths
  • Support growing mobile traffic using your residential backhaul network
  • Grow your revenue potential by supporting symmetrical bitrates
  • Boost bandwidth on copper loops by backhauling large numbers of micro-nodes

Simpler co-investment and unbundling

Accelerate deployment by sharing the risk and cost of rolling out and operating a fiber network. Universal next-generation PON lets each operator have its own wavelength. This makes it an excellent solution for joint ventures, government-owned networks and unbundling scenarios.

Wavelength mobility

Improve your efficiency by managing wavelength assignments from the central office. TWDM-PON enables you to move end users to different wavelengths to rebalance bandwidth, prevent outages during upgrades, or reduce energy costs during off-peak hours.