#UniteFor Love

This Diwali, be the gift.

Gift your time to your loved ones, this Diwali. #UniteFor Love

This Diwali, give your loved ones the best gift of all. The one that you can't buy, neither can anyone else. The one that goes beyond a box and a ribbon. This Diwali, gift your loved one your time.

Spurgeons Ballet Program, Kenya. #UniteFor Community

Despite living in deplorable conditions, the children of the Kibera Slum in Kenya have found new hope, uniting over their love of ballet.

Not only is the traditionally elitist world of ballet unifying disadvantaged yet talented children and their families, it is also setting the scene for a new generation of dancers of all colors, personalities and abilities. These children represent their community and their spirit through this beautiful art of dance.

“As a country, we have 43 tribes. The one thing we have in common is dance.”

Mike Wamaya, Ballet teacher

95-Year-Old Hockey Player, Mark Sertich, USA. #UniteFor All Generations

95-year-old Mark Sertich is the world’s oldest living hockey player, proving that age is nothing but a number.

Mark still plays competitive hockey three times a week, with players more than half his age. In fact, the only time Mark stopped playing hockey was when he served during WW2.

The age gap between young and old is a huge social issue. Not to mention the loneliness of senior members of society. Together, these guys are uniting over their love of sport, whilst breaking down the boundaries and stereotypes of age.

Bikerni Biker Club, India. #UniteFor Gender Equality

Motorbikes have always been a huge part of Indian culture, but it's usually men who are sat in the driving seat.

The ‘Bikerni’ is an all-female biker club, created with the ambition to overcome gender inequality.

The group now consists of over one hundred women who have united together to tour, stunt and race around the country.

Women of all ages, religions and sects of society unite together over their love of the open road, subverting traditional stereotypes and breaking down the boundaries of tradition along the way.

“It’s a symbol of empowerment and liberty for me.”

Vaishali More, 48

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