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Opportunities for students in Romania

Students & graduates

Nokia has been active in Romania since 1991. Our activities include research and development, design, deployment, maintenance and consulting for service providers in Romania and globally. We have also maintained a center of excellence in Timisoara since 1991 and have established close relationships with the technical universities and surrounding community.

If you are a student in Computer Sciences or Telecom, then you might be at the right place with us in Timisoara. We offer you the opportunity to work closely with your Nokia tutor who will guide you during your activities, provide you continuous feedback and customized support depending on your needs.  We promise you a great learning chance from the first day until the end of your assignment.

Teams in Timisoara

Mobile Networks
The biggest Research & Development Telecom Center in Romania. You will work on innovative wireless technologies.  

Global Services
Together we will combine your programming skills with telecom business intelligence building complex applications to drive operational and project teams for a better, smarter and faster work.

Applications & Analytics
You will go through all the product development stages, from the programming part to the deployment and the integration to the customer.

IP & Optical Network
You will enjoy our technology leadership, building large scale IP/Optical infrastructures for both service providers and, increasingly, web-scale and tech-centric enterprise customers.

Fixed Networks
You will be part of the team supplying copper and fiber access products and services to our customers. This ultra-broadband end-to-end solution is looking at the deployment of fiber to transform customer networks.


Discover our summer practice opportunities and apply

Join us and use technology to create new and extraordinary experiences in people’s lives.
Send your CV to and indicate your top 2 projects by April 30th.

The selection process will take place in May. The results will be communicated to the students by June 15th.