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My life at Nokia: Ed Sanchez

Ed Sanchez

I was born in Peru and moved to Australia when I was nine. My working life started with my old man as a fitter, then I became a photocopier technician and went on to run a few businesses of my own… and failed!

My telecoms career began when I got the chance to install two-way radios in vehicles. I just found a passion for all things telecommunications!

I was happy and settled in a great company doing the ‘telco’ work I loved, when I was approached about a new job. Whilst I was sure that I could do it, I was happy with my current employer and so wasn’t that interested. That was until I spoke to a friend who worked for that company – Nokia.

Rather than focusing on his work tasks, Gary talked about the lifestyle he had lived through his career with Nokia. How he had grown as a person, travelled the world with his family and gets to drop his kids off at school.

My eyes lit up. That’s the life I want to live! Where do I sign up?

Working here has lived up to even my great expectations. They are human. They understand that when my personal priorities are met, I can give back more than what is asked of me. All I need is to know that someone has my back.

My average day starts with walking my dog and then I prepare breakfast for my daughter and myself. By 7:30am I drop my daughter off at school and this allows me to start work on site at around 8:30am. My work can involve emergency fault call outs for the radio access network infrastructure, mobile telephone exchange faults or preventative maintenance visits. Being a Technician and a Rigger really gives me a wide variety of areas to focus on which makes it extremely exciting on a day-to-day basis! Things wind down by 4:30pm when I head off to pick up my daughter from afterschool care and we spend some time together.

My team really understands me; they get what it is to be a parent.

Being a single parent is awesome, the one-on-one connection with my kid is like no other – we are a little team that makes the magic happen!

I just love doing what I’m doing. I challenge myself to learn and do different things on a daily basis and at the same time enjoy being an active parent.

Life is great!

Ed Sanchez – Networks, Sydney/Australia