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My life at Nokia: Gagandeep Bhatti

Gagandeep Bhatti

I was born in India and that’s where my career at Nokia began. I had the opportunity to write cool programs and coding for Nokia’s 2G and 3G technology and after a few years I joined the Research and Development team in China.

It was a real culture shock for me on the first day. I felt helpless at the airport as nobody was speaking English and I didn’t understand Chinese. I still remember the days when I had to draw pictures to let the restaurant waitress know I wanted to eat chicken!

But from the beginning, I had the urge to learn and explore multiple cultures.

I learnt basic Chinese and got into the habit of carrying an English to Chinese translator handy. From here my next adventure took me to Italy, supporting one of Nokia’s leading Italian operators for 3G. I love Rome and traveled to most of the parts of Italy during that time.

Next came the US where I am now working on 4G technology. My colleagues here are very hard working, quick learners and excellent communicators. Wherever I worked I found that Nokia employees always had a ‘helpful and positive attitude’. This is at the heart of Nokia’s culture - to welcome and help their colleagues both personally and professionally.

With Nokia you truly work without borders.

Not just in the geographical sense but professionally too – I found no limits to the roles that I could develop in to. If you are talented, flexible and like to explore different cultures then Nokia is the perfect choice for you.

Gagandeep Bhatti, Networks, Irving/US