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My life at Nokia: Nafisa Bekmetova

Nafisa Bekmetova

Hello! I’m Nafisa and I’ve been part of Nokia for nine years.

I am very proud that I was among the few people who were at the outset of Nokia’s successful journey in the Uzbek market. It literally started from one desk and two chairs, so at the beginning it was difficult to imagine the great success that we would have.

Nokia is like my child!

I have participated in its birth, growth, sorrowed its failures and enjoyed its achievement. It makes me happy to know that such globally successful company is actively operating in Uzbekistan and that there is my contribution in this accomplishment.

I am lucky to have an employer that appreciates my need to have a work-life balance. That has allowed me to become a happy mom to two adorable boys. It isn’t always easy being a working-mom, however my colleagues and management have always supported me.

Besides my passion for numbers I’m fascinated by psychology and currently I’m studying psychology as my 2nd degree.

I have an opportunity to work from home, keep my evenings and weekends busy with school and take study leaves twice a year. I believe the most important thing is self-discipline and good people, whom I can rely on. All of this would not be possible if it were not for my parents and husband who help me with our children and continue to believe in me achieving my goals.

We are on the threshold of big changes.

I believe that integration with Alcatel-Lucent will bring fresh energy to Nokia and will certainly lead to our common success.

Nafisa Bekmetova – Networks, Tashkent/Uzbekistan