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My life at Nokia: Yana Akimova

Yana Akimova

For me, Nokia is a symbol of uncompromising Finnish quality and has been since my childhood. Who wouldn’t want to be part of such a success story? Getting this job was a personal victory, so to say that I was quite nervous before my first day, would be an understatement!

But there was no need for nerves. 

People who had spent years at Nokia surrounded me – they are like one huge family and welcomed me in.

I’m totally excited about my new role! At the beginning, I was like an impatient child, hungry for work and wanting to show off my best. But I realized that with so much to learn it takes time to get up to ‘full speed’. Day-by-day, with the help and experience of my colleagues, I’m growing as a professional whilst having the freedom to develop my own work style.

My colleagues are often traveling, so any time we get together is valuable. People here are highly passionate and emotionally connected to each project, which creates a really motivated team.

It’s not easy to create change in a huge, global company like ours but we see it as evolution. 

Seeing the results of hard work is so rewarding. I have about 10 years experience in different telecommunication companies. Nokia stands out because they value people’s work based on trust, respect, honesty and transparency with the strong leadership support.

After 5 months at Nokia I can say that if you’re aiming for high-level professional goals in international environments, it’s one of the best places you can work.

Yana Akimova – Networks, Espoo/Finland