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Everything we do has a human purpose. We innovate to meet real human needs, using technology to positively impact people’s lives each day. Everything we do is a reflection of the passion and dedication of the bright minds at Nokia Technologies. We see potential where others might not, and we challenge ourselves to find new ways to create something extraordinary.

Our Withings’ products include activity trackers, weighing scales, thermometers, blood pressure monitors, home and baby monitors and more – all built on a sophisticated digital health platform that provides insights on the user’s well-being. Withings' products are complemented by an ecosystem of more than a hundred compatible apps. Help us change the way things work - your idea for healthy living could be what’s next in digital health.

We’re also reinventing the ways in which we experience the world around us. We’ve built Nokia OZO, the world’s first purpose-built professional virtual reality camera that's designed for capturing immersive 360° video experiences. The OZO virtual reality camera is already being used to complement some of Hollywood’s theatrical releases. So, if capturing real-life experiences intrigues you, you’ll fit right in with our digital media team.  

Whether you’re passionate about improving well-being through digital health technology or excited about the possibilities of immersive multimedia experiences, we give you the freedom to explore your ideas completely. At Nokia Technologies, every person has a voice. We are 800+ strong and we all share the same passion for transforming the role technology plays in our lives.

Join us and help shape our vision of a connected future. A world of opportunity awaits with locations in Boston, Finland, London, Los Angeles, Paris, San Francisco and Sunnyvale.

Let’s build the possibilities of tomorrow. Together.

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