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My life at Nokia: Fatima Bakhti

Fatima Bakhti

After graduating from an engineering school in Grenoble, France I had an inspiring internship in an optical fiber laboratory in Montreal, Canada. It was after this experience that I decided this was the industry for me.

My career in the telecommunications started in optical fiber components, followed by many great experiences in business operations, and mobile radio network design and optimization.

Over the last three years, my competencies, passion and attention have served transformation programs within the company. First by leading a transformation program across sites in France and now leading the locations development for the global group across the world.

For me, being a ‘new’ Nokian (since January 14) means being in a bigger company that’s helping to fulfill my desire for innovation.

The company values match my values. In particular the respect between colleagues is so high that I instantly felt at home here. Seeking out new possibilities to learn and innovate is my daily motto and the transformation projects I am leading enable those opportunities.

My working environment is awesome!

My managers and colleagues around the world make coming to work worth it every day. My daily activities can be challenging, but we have high ambitions. The project is amazing and although sometimes I meet obstacles, all this is bringing me a huge variety of new possibilities and great sense of accomplishment.

I encourage girls to pursue studies in engineering:  it gives a lot of opportunities, diverse types of activities, and chance to meet great people across the world.

After 6 months, I take great pride at being a Nokian!